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Why choose a locally built mattress?

Buying local means better service, a more knowlegable staff, and supporting a company invested in the community. But, we also want you to buy our mattresses because they're better.

With over 100 years in business and over 200 years of combined experience on the factory floor, we focus on building top-quality products that last longer than 10 years. Major brand names focus on location, promotion and price and have blurred the lines of cost and quality. Compare our premium two-sided options to a chain store's one-sided offerings and you'll see how we compete.

We build everything when you purchase it, generally within 4 business days. The factory houses the components to make each mattress, and we only build what is needed. No surplus. Less overhead. Whether you are ordering one mattress or 10, your mattress model is always built quickly using a streamlined process. We work harder and keep things closer to home, with no inventory collecting dust. This means big time savings for customers. Compare our $800 mattress to a chain store's $800 model, and the difference will be evident.

Mattress Factory in Charleston, SC


Mattress Prices
Greater Than/Equal To
Less Than/Equal To
Greater Than (Commercial Grade)
Less Than
Delivery Charge
FREE (click to see where)
and no minimum purchase
Additional Charge
Delivery Time
3 Business Days
7 Days or
Same Day (if in stock with an additional charge)
Shipping Costs
(factored into mattress price)
(factored into mattress price)
10-years and no fine print needed
A lot of fine print and out of pocket costs associated with a claim.
Return Policy
100 days refund minus
$175 return fee
ie: In 60 days you can exchange your mattress for one at the grossly marked up regular price, not the so called "sale price".
Spring/Coil Manufacturing
Various Countries
Foam Manufacturing
Various Countries
Fabric Manufacturing
Various Countries
Quilt Backing
1.25 oz./sq. ft.
0.75 oz./sq. ft.
Upholstery Fastening Process
Every Other Coil
Every 6 Coils
Foam Encasement
3" of 1.3 Density Foam
3/4" Fiber
2-Sided/Flippable Options
Foam Encased, Traditional and
Pillowtop Available
Rarely Available
Quilting Products
All Foam for Durability
(Who's In Charge
Store - The Rennie Family
Factory - The Weil Family
The Bank
Mattresses built from the finest materials. Lowcountry Local First Responsible Mattress Disposal CertiPUR-USĀ® Forest Stewardship Council Sustainable Forestry Initiative OEKO-TEX

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